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Mechanical and Industrial Automation

Laser Positioning Systems

RF Test Solutions partner Keysight Technologies offers Laser positioning and metrology grade precision machinery alignment systems. These are available as complete systems or as individual parts for OEM and specific metrology applications.

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Industrial Controllers

ADLink offer a full range of industrial computers for automation, including off-the-shelf frame grabbers, motion controllers, and data acquisition cards integrated with industrial computers. ADLink's intelligent computing platforms provide a core for intelligent systems, maximizing flexibility of Intel processors. ADLinks revolutionary series of Matrix fanless embedded computers provide an optimal computing platform with expandable options and come as a result of expertise in x86 platform design, versatile I/O function development, and thermal design to push fanless systems to a higher standard, including a wide operating temperature, 5 Grms vibration, and cable-free durable structure.

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Motion Control

ADLink motion control solutions have been widely adopted, to date driving over 700,000 axes industry-wide. ADLink’s  extensive field experience has driven the development of powerful, high performance motion controllers, embedded controllers, time-deterministic I/O slaves, and comprehensive, easy to use APIs. ADLink motion control solutions support a wide variety of real-time industrial Ethernet-based communication and control protocols, such as EtherCAT, Mechatrolink III, and SSCNET III/H, as well as proprietary field buses, HSL and Motionnet. Additionally, ADLink’s one-stop service and highly integrated portfolio of off-the-shelf data acquisition cards, motion controllers, frame grabbers, and industrial computing platforms support the setup of smart factories, further increasing productivity.

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Machine Vision

ADLink is a leader in industrial machine vision technology offering an entire portfolio of image acquisition solutions including smart cameras, frame grabbers, embedded vision systems and image analysis software.

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Software Solutions

Keysight Technologies PathWave Analytics is an Industry 4.0 ready electronics manufacturing data analytics solution that performs advanced analytics using process, test and equipment data to drive manufacturing improvements and efficiencies. PathWave Analytics analyzes data from every test in each step of your production process. It employs Anomaly Detection algorithm to identify and isolate the problematic outliers and trends in real time, sending alerts so that you can take actions. The Big Data analytics capability allows you to perform multi-dimension analysis on historical data to quickly identify the root cause of your quality issues or RMAs. Pathwave Analytics performs test time, yield and throughput analysis on your global operations in real time. You may see significant variability in yield and test time on different operation. Using PathWave Analytics, you can isolate those variations and make changes to optimize the processes, results in higher productivity and throughput. Working with IOT sensors, PathWave Analytics collects and analyzes environmental data, machine health data and measurement data to predict equipment and fixture failure in real time. This will eliminate the needs of periodic maintenance and extend mean time between failure, leads to greater asset utilization.

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