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Speed Measurement Equipment

Stalker LR Vehicle Speed Laser

LR Vehicle Speed Laser (Rental)


Professional laser speed measuring system with over 1000m range.  Handheld with rechargeable battery and convenient handle and sighting s... Read More
Stalker XLR Vehicle Speed Laser

XLR Vehicle Speed Laser (Rental)


Smallest and Lightest handheld LIDAR (gun type) available for vehicle speed detection.  Super-fast acquisition time, industry leading ra... Read More
Stalker I Handheld Vehicle Speed Detection RADAR

Handheld Vehicle Speed Detection Radar (Rental)

Directional Sensing Technology

Fastest speed tracking
3 window display
Backlit LCD for night time use
High capacity Li-Ion battery handle
Touch panel... Read More
Stalker Pro II Sports Radar

Pro II Sports Radar (Rental)


The versatile Stalker Pro II is the professional sports RADAR choice.  Able to quickly and accurately measure the speed of anything movin... Read More
Stalker Solo 2 Sports Radar

Solo 2 Sports Radar (Rental)


The Do-It-All Sports Radar lightweight and powerful sports radar is designed to accurately measure speeds of balls, vehicles and watercra... Read More