Signal Generators





RF Test Solutions distributes Keysight Technologies (was Agilent Technologies Electronic Measurement Group) RF Signal Generators.  Agilent is and has been a world leader in RF instrumentation.  RF Signal Generators broadly fit into the following catagories:

  • Economy Generators for Education and Consumer Electronics
  • Mid-range performance analogue (modulation) generators
  • Mid-range performance vector (modulation) generators
  • Low phase noise high performance analogue generators
  • Low phase noise high performance vector generators
  • Specialist wireless & communications signal generation solutions

A comprehensive  selection of software and firmware applications for vector generators allow you to generate almost any modulation you desire from relatively simple formats such as QAM to multi-satelite GPS simulation and LTE.

Please contact us with your requirements or visit our suppliers page by clicking here and select Keysight Technologies for more information. 

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