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RF Test Solutions represents Keysight Technologies (was Agilent Technologies Electronic Measurment Group) range and their Advanced Design System (ADS) continues to lead the RF EDA industry with the most innovative and commercially successful technologies, including Harmonic Balance, Circuit Envelope, Transient Convolution, Agilent Ptolemy, X-parameter*, Momentum and 3D EM simulators (including both FEM and FDTD solvers). With ADS’s Wireless Libraries and circuit-system-EM co-simulation technology, ADS provides full, standards-based design and verification within a single, integrated platform. Key features of ADS includes:

  • Complete schematic capture and layout environment
  • Innovative and industry leading circuit and system simulators
  • Direct, native access to 3D planar and full 3D EM field solvers
  • Largest number of process design kits (PDKs) developed and maintained by leading foundry and industry partners
  • EDA and Design Flow Integration with companies such as Cadence, Mentor, and Zuken
  • Optimization Cockpit for real-time feedback and control when using any of 12 powerful optimizers
  • X-parameter model generation from circuit schematic and Agilent's NVNA for nonlinear high-frequency design
  • Up-to-date Wireless Libraries enable design and verification of the latest emerging wireless standards

Easy-to-use and easy-to-learn, Agilent Genesys is the low-cost, high-performance integrated electronic design automation software for RF/microwave circuit board and subsystem designers. As a proven safe investment with an installed base of 5,000 satisfied designers, Genesys literally pays for itself through cost savings within its first year of deployment. As the designer’s needs grow beyond RF board applications, Keysight provides full trade-in credit toward the purchase of Advanced Design System for designing MMIC and multi-technology RF system-in-package modules.  Key features of Genesys includes:

  • Fastest system architecture and frequency planning tools and the industry’s widest coverage of RF/microwave circuit synthesis capabilities cut manual design time from hours to minutes
  • Time- and frequency-domain circuit simulation with optimization and statistical analysis for accurate high-performance and high-yield designs
  • Fast, memory-efficient 3D-planar electromagnetic simulation ensures RF/Microwave circuit board layouts are completely analyzed to eliminate wasteful board turns

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