RF Test Solutions suppliers include the global leader of measurement solutions and a number of other companies who are all leaders in their fields.  We are a major provider of tools and solutions to the New Zealand research community.  Examples include:    

Electrical & Electronics

  • Handheld and bench measurement instrumentation for measurements from DC to uW and optical

  • Specialist DC and AC generation and measurement research instrumentation for power systems and power electronics

  • Specialist RF and uW signal generation and measurement for radio & telecommunications research

  • Digital design & debug tools for embedded systems and signal processing research

Metrology & Standards

  • Supply of calibration standards for the generation & measurement of electrical quantities and device characteristics from DC to uW and optical

  • Delivery of measurement and calibration services from our ISO 17025 laboratory accredited by IANZ

Mechanical, Civil & Environmental

  • Data acquisition systems for temperature, vibration, sound, strain etc

  • Dynamic Signal analysis products and systems

Physical Sciences

  • Data Acquisition systems

  • Specialised measurement of optical & electrical properties

  • General instrumentation for generation and measurement of electrical and mechanical quantities

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