RF Test Solutions has the largest range of electronic measurement instrumentation for classroom and research applications.  Examples of departments & schools and the products we supply include:    

Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Handheld and bench general instrumentation for classroom electrical & electronics laboratory teaching

  • Specialist DC and AC generation and measurement research instrumentation for power systems and power electronics

  • Specialist RF and uW signal generation and measurement for radio & telecommunications research

  • Digital design & debug tools for embedded systems and signal processing research

  • Electrical safety testing instruments

Mechanical, Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Data acquisition systems for temperature, vibration, strain etc

  • Dynamic signal analysis products and systems

Physics Departments

  • Data acquisition systems

  • Specialised measurement of optical & electrical properties

  • General instrumentation for generation and measurement of electrical and mechanical quantities

Chemical & Materials Engineering

  • Measurement of solids, liquids and gases using a variety of techniques including electrical characteristics such as impedance and physical characteristics such as Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Some of our suppliers have specialist programs and resources for education including Keysight Technologies Educators Corner offering a one-stop resource for college and university electrical & electronic engineering educators.

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